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Carr & Day & Martin Switch Pro

Carr & Day & Martin Switch Pro is the ultimate summer skin protection. Switch Pro is a Sweet Itch Solution. AVM-GSL licensed and medically proven to prevent, soothe and treat Sweet Itch in horses and ponies. Can be used to treat active irritation or as a preventative measure in early Spring to stop the condition taking hold. This lotion will soothe, calm and relieve irritated skin. The Switch Pro protects from further irritation.

The active ingredient is Benzyl Benzoate.
Directions for use:

Apply to all affected areas by rubbing in with fingers or a soft cloth as soon as any problems occur and the remainder of the season (March – September) Initial application of 75ml should be made twice daily, reducing to once daily and hen 3 – 4 times a week as irritation lessons. All affected areas should be kept clean by shampooing at least once a week. After shampooing or heavy exercise, re-apply to ensure adequate protection.

Horses liable to seasonal irritation problems should receive an application in early spring before symptoms become evident.

Available in 500 ml bottles.


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