Liveryman Harmony Plus Clipper



Liveryman Harmony Plus Clipper with Wide 2.4mm Blade

One of the most versatile equine clippers available that can be used as both a clipper or a trimmer and is extremely quiet. Ideal for horses that are not used to frequent clipping, nervous horses or horses being clipped for the first time. It is easy to use regardless of ability and is suitable for daily use.

The Harmony Liveryman Clippers are cordless, with a long enough runtime to do a full clip. This is also useful for clipping restless horses or nervous horses which can be unpredictable while clipping. No cables means you can concentrate on clipping without worrying about keeping the cables away from horse’s feet.

These Harmony Plus Clippers come complete with a wide 2.4mm blade, oil, brush and instruction manual.Optional Battery pack also available for purchase separately.


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