Horslyx Lick



Original Horslyx is a palatable, nutrient rich lick containing vitamins, minerals and trace elements to balance the deficiencies in forage and grazing.

Original Horslyx was the debut Horslyx product back in 1997 offering horse owners the opportunity to encourage natural, trickle feeding patterns whilst ensuring the diet is nutritionally balanced for optimum health and condition.

When fed alongside the correct amounts of good quality forage, Original Horslyx removes the need for buckets of hard feed and offers a palatable, easy to use and cost effective method of feeding your horse.

Original Horslyx contains :

The Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package, which is ideal for balancing nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing.

Powerful anti-oxidants to support a healthy immune system.

High oil content for healthy skin and coat.

Biotin, zinc and methionine for healthy hooves.

How can Original Horslyx help your horse or pony?

Balancing nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing.

Reducing boredom and stress.

Providing a weatherproof feeding solution which can be used in the stable or field.

Offering a palatable diet that requires no mixing or preparing.

Original Horslyx offers owners a unique way to supplement forage and grazing.


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