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Horse First New Bludd is an iron tonic created for healthy athletic blood levels when you feel your horse is lacking stamina. The supplement contains high levels of iron which has been formulated with copper to enable your horse to properly absorb and utilise the iron, which increases performance, health, vigour and strength.

Horse First New Bludd is an easy-to-feed liquid supplement that increases your horse’s blood levels, boosts their immune system, regenerates cells helping with the healing process, as well as improving overall well-being.

Feeding Instructions: Add to the normal feed ration. Feed 30ml daily.

Composition: Organic Iron.

Key Benefits:

An iron tonic created specifically to help stamina in horses.
Increases performance, health, vigour and strength.
An easy-to-feed liquid supplement.
Boosts your horse’s immune system.
Help’s to regenerate cells which help to heal.

Always read the label before use.

Dosage: 15-30ml per age of horse.
Life Stage Dose Volume Number of full doses per this 1L pack
Foal 15 ml 66
Yearling 15 ml 66
Colt/Filly 30 ml 33
Mature 30 ml 33


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