Leading Gastric supplement for horses

Gastro Sport is a balanced blend of minerals and Amino Acids, probiotics and
prebiotics designed to maintain a balanced pH in the stomach. Gastro Sport helps with
regeneration of the mucosal lining of the stomach. Additionally Gastro Sport will aid
the production of Glutathione a powerful antioxidant which will help to metabolize
toxins, break down free radicals, support immune function and block excess

A powdered daily use supplement for performance horses designed to support gastric health.


✓ Consistent performance.

✓ Supports gastric health.

✓ Supports athletic effort & recovery times.

✓ Helps with calming.

A daily use Gastric supplement designed with your horse’s gastric health and well being in mind. Containing prebiotics to support fiber digestibility, gut health and nutrient assimilation in the hindgut. Gastro Sport is also high in probiotics which encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria already present in the horse’s small intestine helping to improve your horses overall health and digestion. Probiotics help to maintain proper pH levels, absorption of nutrients, feed efficiency and aid immune health. Gastro Sport contains a proven gastric buffer in Acid Buf which is manufactured from calcareous marine algae, which is harvested from clean, unpolluted waters off the coast of Ireland and Iceland. It is a highly effective buffer and pure source of bioavailable minerals deposited within its structure by the sea, especially calcium and magnesium. Gastro Sport is a multidimensional approach to supporting gastric health as it also contains magnesium which is well known for its calming effect on horses.


  • Performance horses


  • Aids Gastric health
  • Helps to stabilize pH in the intestine
  • Aids hind gut health
  • Calming effect
  • Aids nutrient assimilation


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