Egg Butt Snaffle



Stainless Steel Eggbutt Snaffle

The traditional eggbutt snaffle tends to have a straight-arm, single-jointed mouthpiece and is designed to give stability for the horse to stretch forwards and down,” “The mouthpiece is designed to act on the outer edges of the tongue with a squeezing action and provide control.”An eggbutt cheek is often a good choice for a sensitive horse that needs the stability it provides to encourage him to confidently stretch into the bit,” . “Eggbutt cheeks are also a great choice for horses with lips that protrude from the face, as you can get a good snug fit without the risk of rubbing.” “The eggbutt can be easier to steer with than a loose-ring as the fixed bar action on the sides of the mouth are more precise.”

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Egg Butt Snaffle


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