Coat Conditioner with Aloe Vera (280ml)



Oakwood Pet Coat Conditioner with Aloe Vera is an after-wash coat conditioner to nourish dry coats and remove stubborn knots and tangles from the coat, leaving it soft and silky smooth.

Just like humans, your pet’s coat can really benefit from using a conditioner after shampooing, to assist in strengthening the coats fibres and improve long-term manageability and shine.

Contains the benefit of Aloe Vera, which uniquely moisturises your pet and provide a long-lasting after wash fragrance.

Shampooing your pet before conditioning coat
It’s a good idea to shampoo and clean your pets coat before conditioning. Shampooing your pets coat first will remove unwanted debris such as attracted dirt, sand, excessive body oils and also offensive smells trapped within the coat. Once the coat is properly clean, you can then condition the coat to improve its long-term manageability and shine.

Size: 280mL

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